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Is there a good way to use Yum to test if something is installed (true of false) and then use that answer in a Bash script?

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It's faster to query using rpm instead.

if rpm -q somepackage &> /dev/null
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You can make that even faster with rpm -q somepackage --nodigest --nosignatures. – mattdm Dec 13 '10 at 2:59

if you know a bit of python you could do it very easy - yum has pre/post filters that can be enabled you can even make your own plugin.

from shell just look for any lines that will be the output from your query.

pack = yum info package | wc -l

if [ "$pack" != '' ];


do something


do something else


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I typically test for the results of the package, usually a file on the file-system that is installed. Something like:

[ ! -f /usr/bin/apg ] && yum -y install apg

This requires no RPM database lookup, so it's very light-weight.

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