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I don't understand why does it display this message: "Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\aaa\tftp scripts\testTFTP_r3.php on line 45"

each time I tried to execute the php scripts as below:


require_once "PHPTelnet_config.php";

$telnet = new PHPTelnet();

$result = $telnet->Connect('','','');

if ($result == 0) { 
    //echo $username1;
    $telnet->DoCommand($username1, $result);
    // NOTE: $result may contain newlines
    //echo $result;
    $telnet->DoCommand($password1, $result);
    // NOTE: $result may contain newlines
    //echo $result;
    // say Disconnect(0); to break the connection without explicitly logging out
    $telnet->DoCommand("super", $result);
    $telnet->DoCommand("super", $result);
    $telnet->DoCommand("enable", $result);
    $telnet->DoCommand("cisco", $result);
    $telnet->DoCommand("copy tftp startup-config", $result);
    $telnet->DoCommand("", $result);
    //here is the command to specify which lab

        case 1:
            $telnet->DoCommand("R3_lab1_Config", $result);

        case 2:
            $telnet->DoCommand("R3_lab2_Config_PPP", $result);

        case 3:
            $telnet->DoCommand("R3_lab3_Config_SSH_NTP_Syslog", $result);
        default :
            echo "something went wrong with the selections" ;

Please assist. Thank you in advance

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This is probably a better fit for SO. – Joshua Enfield Dec 13 '10 at 4:06

Try removing break statement that is in the default alternative.

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+1 - You dont need to break using the default when using a switch. Simply end the statement using your } – JamesK Dec 13 '10 at 9:52

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