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We are looking at temporarily mounting an external hard disk on USB to an ESX1 v4 server from VMware. In /var/log/messages, we see the messages of the device being connected, but we cannot figure out the actual name of the device (/dev/???) to actually mount so we can retrieve the files ?

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This is possible to do but no simple task unless you have a server that supports passthrough for USB

Any easier approach may be to hook the USB up to a Windows Desktop and transfer the files via SCP, after enabling file transfer in the ESXi Console using a program such as

or VSphere, File transfer will work if you don't want to "hack" esxi

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I also got some feedback fro friends that it is not possible with ESXi 4, but would be with ESXi 4.1. But for now, we will use the "SCP" method. – jfmessier Dec 15 '10 at 12:23

Did you add the USB controller AND the USB device to the guest? If not, that's probably the issue.

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