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I am trying to create an Advanced Function in with "Named Property" which is a property that is not displayed in the default output. I have been trying to find the syntax with no luck. CMDlets have these. You have to use Get-Member to discover them.

Thanks for your help

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can you maybe give an example of what you are talking about? I almost wonder if you are talking about input parameters to the function? – MattB Dec 15 '10 at 14:21

Do you mean "NoteProperty"?

Add-Member allows you to add members dynamically to your objects. Check out help add-member.

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If you want to configure how formatting is displayed, you would need to create a format.ps1xml file and load that formatting file after you create your function. Probably the best way to do this would be in a module and include the formatting file the module manifest (psd1) file.

To get more information, check out help about_format.ps1xml and help Update-FormatData

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It doesn't display by default because it is not specified in the formatting file of the object's type (ps1xml). You can still see it if you pipe to format-* and specify all properties ('*').

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