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The password for our windows server 2003 account is very long and complex, so I don't want to enter it each time by hand when I log in via RDP. However, copy/paste in the login screen seems to be disabled, so I have to. Can this be triggered by some policy? Or is there another way to enable this?

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You can create a RDP shortcut and keep the password saved in this- I would not advise that this is a good idea because of the security implications.

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You can not do this. Sorry if this wasn't the answer you wanted. You don't want your password in your pastebuffer anyways. Huge security risk.

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which is not as bad as on screen – joshudson Jan 27 '11 at 18:10

I use 1Password to solve this problem. It has an Auto-Type feature that avoids using the copy/paste buffer and types it into the password field. It's been many years since I switched over from KeePass but I'm pretty sure I used it to solve the same RDP problem. It has the advantage of being free but I much prefer 1Password.

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I solved the problem by writing a small Autohotkey-Script that types the clipboard buffer after some seconds.

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