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I am a SA newbie...... I have been tasked to write the steps involved or what is expected by an SA to manage a multiple chat server environment on OpenFire 3.6.4. Please lend me your input on how to do this. Thank you in advance for your assistance and help on this.


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Your question isn't very clear. Some basics: you'll want a true SQL server like MySQL. Just avoid the internal one or you'll end up to reinstall OpenFire after a couple of months. If you plan to install it on Windows, you might want to run it as a service, there's an optional way to enable it (openfire-service.exe) The creation of rooms is very straightforward, after the installation of OpenFire, you'll be able to manage it through a web browser. As far as clients are concerned, there are plenty of them. Compatibility with Jabber/XMPP is required (Pidgin, Digsby, Pandion...)

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you may want to have a look at the other xmpp chat servers too! – The Unix Janitor Mar 15 '11 at 14:44

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