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Possible Duplicate:
What is the best way to configure 6 disk raid for SQL Server + OS?

As a general rule what would be an ideal disk layout for a SQL server which is mainly used for a fairly read and write intensive web app?

Would the following be good?

Logical Disk 1 - RAID 1 - OS and SQL Server Program Files
Logical Disk 2 - RAID 10 - SQL data files
Logical Disk 3 - RAID 1 - SQL log files
Logical Disk 4 - RAID 1 - TempDB files

Anythign else? I have seen some configurations with a seperate disk for the windows swap file?

Also this setup would have a minimum requirement of 10 physical disks. That is a lot of disks? I'm looking at a rack of server just now and all of them have space for six disks? How do people normally accommodate the need for more disks? SAN storage?

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Also regarding the RAID level choices,… (was before so it survived being asked on StackOverflow) – ManiacZX Dec 15 '10 at 1:31

The overall layout you've given is what we use for DBs with direct-attached storage. We're a Dell shop, so we use 15-spindle MD3000 arrays for this sort of thing.

Don't bother with a dedicated swap spindle. If you're hitting the swap hard enough to dedicate a spindle to it (hitting swap much at all, really) something is Very Wrong.

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