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Dear all, I've some questions regarding basic routing, can't seem to relate to other questions posted in this site.

My architecture: Windows 2008 server with 2 nics in the server.

NIC1: IP, submask, gateway

NIC2: IP, submask 255.255.255, no gateway defined

both NICS are just connected to two separate switches, with other computers.

I want to be able that all the requests that have a destination of are redirected to the NIC2, all the other to the NIC1.

I know it's possible to do it with the route command, but normally we have to specify a gateway? (route ADD MASK ???)

How can this be archived?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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I have nearly same setup on my windows machines, Windows routes it automaticly, did you encounter any kind of problem while reaching other machines ?

And if you use "route print" you should see something like            10.198.6.zzz   10   10      10   10    10      10    10

again, this from my route config out, it should look like simillar, not the same. The route is the everything not defined and 10.186.6.zzz is the gateway.

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It was not a configuration problem as you suggested. The problem was elsewhere (configuration of the ESX host itself). – srodriguez Jan 5 '11 at 3:37

You need to add a routing protocol for it to route between interfaces. RIP will be the easiest to configure. This guide outlines the steps to take for that OS.

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