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I am trying to install LucidDB on Ubuntu 10.04 64Bits.

In the doc they say :

Set the JAVA_HOME using the correct location for your JRE (make sure it's Java 1.6 or higher), and then re-login:

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/j2sdk

I just set my JAVA_HOME to my jre path : /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre

But at the end the installation still fails. Someone would know why ?

This is the stacktrace I get :

# Tracing configuration



E    OF

for lib in `find $LIB_DIR -path $LIB_DIR/plugin -not -prune -o -name "*.jar"`; do

case "`uname`" in
    CYWGIN*) cygwin=true ;;

if $cygwin; then
    LOCALCLASSPATH=`cygpath --path --windows "$LOCALCLASSPATH"`

echo $LOCALCLASSPATH >$BIN_DIR/classpath.gen
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Your installation was successful it appears. That's just the echo'ing of the LucidDB install.bat.
According to the getting started guide: `If you didn't set JAVA_HOME correctly, you should get a corresponding error message. Otherwise, if all goes well, you'll see a lot of script output, ending with the following line:

echo $LOCALCLASSPATH >$BIN_DIR/classpath.gen`

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