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We are using OpenNMS to monitor a pool of servers, and we have a problem with SMTP in one particular box. OpenNMS is "spamming" us all the time with DOWN/RESOLVED messages for that particular service in that server, and I wanted to mute those notifications momentarely but couldn't find how to do that. I know that I can disable ALL notifications or disable SMTP in ALL servers, but that's not what I want.

I'm used to muting a particular service in Nagios, but is it possible in OpenNMS?

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I think you're stuck with creating a Scheduled outage for the node in question OR unmanaging the service in question on the specific node.

Admin -> Manage and Unmanage Interfaces and Services 
Uncheck SMTP for the right interface and Apply Changes

Return to the node's page and run a rescan to activate the changes.
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