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I'm administering a number of Macs, whose users would like to be able to make use of (and hence iPhone sync) to view and edit Oracle Calendar events.

Is there a good way to bidirectionally interface Oracle Calendar's SyncML with

Or alternatively is there a way to bridge a SyncML server to provide CalDAV service (which can natively handle)?

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Try this:

or this:

While we're an exchange shop here (ughh) this looks like it should work on macs running leopard, and should sync an oracle calendar.

Good luck!

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Almost all of the solutions that I've seen that have somehow syncronised an iPhone with a SyncML source have involved installing a SyncML client on the iPhone. Obviously, this has limitations, but apart from one solution where a server-based perl script converted the data into an iCal format, everything else has used an iPhone app of some sort.

Is one I've seen used.

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Have you seen Funambol ? It might work as a data gateway between everything.

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