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I have a job to copy files from a network drive to my local Windows 2008 server box. For most files the job works fine; however, for a specific job, I constantly get failure. It seems related to the file size (20MB).

For example, I dropped the file from a mapped network drive to my local drive. As soon as release the file, I got a warning dialog:

alt text

After a while, I got the following failure error: alt text

I also tried to use XCOPY from command line. I got the similar error ("The specified network name is no longer avaivalable"). Actually from the File explorer, I could see files on the network drive after I got the above failures. I think it may be something else related to Windows security settings. Not sure where I could configure/change those settings.

By the way, for smaller size files, I have no issue to copy files from the same network drive.

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Have you tried transferring any other large files? – ErnieTheGeek Dec 16 '10 at 22:14

I've seen the "The [mapped network drive n:] is no longer available" when copying one or two files to c:\inetput\wwwroot\[webfolder], even though the mapped drive is available. These files are <25K, not like your 20MB example.

However, I can get the file copy to go smoothly if I first copy to a folder on the desktop, and then copy from desktop folder to c:\inetput\wwwroot\[webfolder]

At least... that was the behavior yesterday. Today, a straight-copy is working fine. ?!?!??

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