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I'm having problems with squid and NTLM auth, I already have ntlm auth ( working so only logged users to the AD can navigate through the proxy.

Now I need to set an ACL with dstdomains so I can set a diferent set of websites on each group of the Active Directory, I already try the guide ntlm with groups but can't get that to work.

Anyone who has a similar scenario that can give some advice?

Btw, I'm using Squid 2.7 on a Debian Lenny server.


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I believe that the last time I implemented something like this I used IP subnets instead of AD groups using squidguard. I believe groups shouldn't be a problem but would be easier if you could post your squid.conf and an example of the group names and any error messages you're seeing?

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I quit this idea a couple of months ago and I did exactly what you suggest, a pfsense with squid/squidguard and vlans/subnets with different permissions . Thanks! – SiRGt Apr 14 '11 at 2:12

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