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I installed SWAT with its wonderful GUI (with all of its 8 buttons)on my ubuntu-server machine the other day. I have a small network of 4 machines at home. In addition to my ubuntu-server, a windows XP, a debian laptop, and also an ubuntu-desktop machine.

But still I am unable to share files between my ubuntu-server and windows XP machines.

I have never done networking before, not even between windows machines, since I only have one windows machine anyway, but this time around I am trying to learn to do networking between these two machines first and eventually between all 4 machines.(Win XP and ubuntu-server)

What am I doing wrong? before installing SWAT, I had struggled with samba file (smb.conf)for a while and failed to produce any results. I still have a copy of my original smb.conf file which I saved under smb.conf.copy name.



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I suspect very few of us have an experience with the swat. I am a bit surprised that you say things didn't work. Ubuntu will create a read-only homes share by default. Did the default shares work? – Zoredache Dec 17 '10 at 2:01
Thank you Khaled for your comment. No the default shares won't show on windows XP browser. I also tried two other methods, I typed in the Run: \\\share and also My Computer: Map The Network Drive: None of these worked. Mansour – Mansour Dec 17 '10 at 17:29

You mention you tried samba and it did not work. Take a look at this tutorial if you haven't already:

It should be rather straightforward. If you run into problems, try troubleshooting - this is an excellent checklist from samba itself:

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Thank you for your link, it seems like a very useful link, I'll try it and report back to you on this page, what was the result. I realized after posting here that I was not supposed to be posting here. I am an IT professional, just not managing a network yet. So I hope members of this forum would forgive me for my lack of attention to your FAQ section before posting, or I would not have posted the first time. Mansour – Mansour Dec 17 '10 at 17:36

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