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I'm running Plesk 9.5 on Debian 4 and I want to upgrade the system to 5 (along with Plesk to 10). Is this doable (and safe)? Can i use standard Debian upgrade process? If so - will Plesk be able to upgrade itself?

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Upgrading Debian etch to Lenny is pretty straightforward, don't forget to apply all latest Etch updates before proceeding. After that, I have no idea of what Plesk will do, but it's quite safe to assume that it will behave properly and gently upgrade itself afterwards.

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Generally speaking I would list that as "risky" - Plesk ties itself quite closely to the OS, with it's own custom-rolled .deb's for most of the services you'll use day to day such as apache/mysql/bind etc. Theoretically though, it should be OK, a standard Debian upgrade shouldn't touch any of the Plesk .deb's.

If it were me though? I would be powering up a second server, doing a fresh install of Debian 5.0 and Plesk 10 and then using the Plesk Migration Manager to do the switchover. Particularly if you have important sites/mail running from it.

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First of all let me clarify you one thing, Parallels considers Debian 5.0 as EOL. You can refer Parallels website for this.

Again Plesk 10 will be EOL by 2015. http://sp.parallels.com/hcap/support/policies/plesk-lifecycle/

So as per my suggestion it's safe to migrate all your contents to a supported system. As everyone knows migration will be safe and secure than upgrade.

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