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Are there any tools that can be used to document configuration of Windows Server 2003?

By configuration I mean:

  • Services installed
  • Programs installed
  • Users
  • IIS config


Simplified instructions. Extract zip to folder on server and then go to command line (cmd).

Exporting to Word format (need Word on the server):

cscript sydi-server.vbs

Exporting to XML format (you will need the XSL files in the XML subfolder):

cscript sydi-server.vbs -oFILENAME.xml -ex -sh

-ex (is for XML format)

-sh (formats XML)

-o (defines output filename)

** UPDATE2: **

To filter out any Windows Service that is disabled:

For Each objItem In colItems
'ignore any service that has a startMode of disabled
If objItem.StartMode <> "Disabled" Then
    'ok to add      
    objDbrServices("Caption") = objItem.Caption
    objDbrServices("Started") = objItem.Started
    objDbrServices("StartMode") = objItem.StartMode 
    objDbrServices("StartName") = objItem.StartName
    If (LCase(objItem.Caption) = "mssqlserver") Then
         bRoleSQL = True
    End If
End If
objDbrServices.Sort = "Caption"
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up vote 2 down vote accepted is a popular free tool for this purpose.

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Self promotion warning.

Also take a look at Open-AudIT.

Very similar to Sydi - several options for output of results and able to store results in a database. OAv2 is even better.

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Another self promotion warning. Take a look at XIA Configuration, it can document the configuration of Windows, including Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. It includes support for the points you mention i.e. services and programs/software installed, users and IIS config.

There is a free version available for small networks:

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