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I have a CA installed on of my Windows Servers in a small farm of systems. I've installed the Certification Authority Web Enrollment and Certificate Enrollment Web Service roles on the CA.

I want to issue a Computer certificate to a computer not jointed to my domain. The user attempting web enrollment has domain credentials.

The user was able to navigate to https://myServerHostname/certsrv and request a User certificate successfully.

However, the user needs a Computer cert as well. From the certsrv site, the user tried the following:

  • Advanced Certificate Request
  • Create and Submit a Request to this CA

However, the Computer certificate template is not available under the Certificate Template heading. He is only seeing "User" and "Basic EFS".

How do I configure the CA to allow him to request a Computer cert for his system?

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"Customizing the Certificate Services Web Enrollment Pages"

Following these instructions, I was able to configure what certificates are available via Web Enrollment.

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