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I am currently administering about 15 small websites (total bandwidth never exceeds 1.5 GB/month) on a shared reseller host using cPanel and WHM. I'm about to migrate these sites to a virtual cloud server from Rackspace.

How would I go about implementing features of a managed reseller host on a virtual server (to which I have root access but nothing other than clean OS)? In particular, I would like to:

  • Offer control panel access to each domain (specifically email/ftp account management and some form of access to the site's databases)
  • Enforce bandwidth limits per account
  • Enforce disk space quotas per account
  • Manage billing

I'm running Debian lenny on the new cloud instance, and would appreciate answers for any web server (apache, nginx, etc).


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Have a look at IspCP Omega. It's a fork of VHCS, and hopefully should cover all the things you mention. I've not used IspCP Omega, but I have used VHCS in the past.

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