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How to change the LDAP root password.

In my root machine "/etc/ldap/sldap.d" file is not there. insted of the file sldap.d directory only is there. I have generated the password by using "slappasswd " command. please help me...?


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Without more information (configuration, tree structure, version of OpenLDAP) I'm going to try to give a generic answer.

As root on your LDAP server, go to "/etc/ldap" and then do "grep -Rl rootpw". The name of the file that comes back contains the setting for the root (or 'admin') password for your directory server. Open that file with your favorite text editor, and look for the line 'rootpw'. Change that value you to the one that you generated via 'slappasswd', restart slapd and you should be set.


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