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I have a couple (well a lot more than that..but for the sake of the brevity.) of sun enterprise 250 servers with solaris installed on them. I want to know if any version/flavor/distro of linux can be installed on it

I've heard from some folks that its impossible, But I wondered if there were some kinda trick or kernel recompilation that would allow me to install and run Linux on sun hardware.

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You might be able to get Fedora working on it. spot can probably give you more details.

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E250's are sun4u so you have a chance of getting Debian running on them. Have a look at the Debian sparc page.

There is also some information in SUN/Oracles's UltraLinux pages.

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You can definitely get at least some version of debian running on them. Alternatively, you could try FreeBSD or netBSD which may be more current.

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