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I am currently trying to figure out which solution would be best for software renting service (with proper licensing and stuff). I know its kinda stupid and so on, but I just have to develop it.

Long story short - user can connect to a virtual machine (with windows guest os) using vnc and use some specific software for some specific time (eg., 1 hour).

I have already considered VirtualBox, Xen and some other, but maybe somebody has a better idea.


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Are you seerious? I mean, from ALL solutions I ahve seen (TS, Citrix) you choose the worst one - VNC sucks for anything when you can use a better tech. Ever heard of Remote desktop? For Hypervisor - use hyper-V. It is free because you will likely need to SPLA (! - no purchase legal) a DataCenter edition anyway (for the virtualization rights), which comes with Hyper-V. – TomTom Dec 1 '11 at 15:32
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Why not use terminal services? or citrix?

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I dont know if terminal services are compatible with vnc. I need vnc because we have flash vnc viewer. The rental software has to be available directly in web browser. Anyway thanks for those options, I will do a deeper research. – Vilis Dec 20 '10 at 11:40
They ar not, but they allow publication of SOFTWARE (not screens) and they are a LOT faster. VNS sucks, performance wise, compared to Terminal Server / Citrix. I klnow some software on the go, and it all uses publshed software (you only see the windows of your application, not the desktop). – TomTom Dec 20 '10 at 11:59

I have used keyserver extensively in public companies in the US and UK. It does a pretty good job. I haven't looked at their API or extensions, though.

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VMWare Server supports using VNC as a remote console. Some versions of it are free, you could check those out.

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maybe you can use a solution from 2X which is much more affordable compare to Citrix. When you plan to have the service delivered to your client desktop then you may consider to publish only a fraction of your application using Application Server schema which is provided as one of the software solution on 2x

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2X Software just released 2X ApplicationServer XG with a SaaS licencing model. Might be what you are looking for. Here is some info.

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