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I am writing a script to snapshot EBS volumes on AWS. One of the volumes contains the data for a mysql database. I am aware that I need to somehow stop data being written to the database while the snapshot is initiated so that the data is consistent but I cannot obtain a lock on all the tables on the database.

Will using xfs_freeze without a lock on the tables suffice for a consistent solution?


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no, because mysql might still have data in it's own buffers, that the filesystem couldn't possibly know about.

the proper method is to "flush tables with read lock", THEN create a filesystem snapshot, after which you can immediately release the lock again.

why can't you obtain a lock?

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@r001 I am trying to do all this in PHP ;) and its not very easy to get a lock on all tables in the database. – mrwooster Dec 21 '10 at 8:18

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