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I believe it's possible to configure Apache to use SQL Server for authentication. You supply the DB connection parameters and a query to run. I suppose the contract is something like:

If the query returns something the user is authenticated, and if the query results are empty, the user is unkown.

Does anyone know how I can configure this?

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I just figured this out for Apache 2.4 on Windows 2012. I think the changes would be minor for Apache 2.2.

Uncomment the necessary LoadModule lines in httpd.conf:

  • authn_dbd_module
  • authn_dbm_module
  • dbd_module

Make an ODBC connection to the SQL Server:
ODBC Data Source Administrator, System DNS, Add..., Fill in your specific information, and remember the "Name" for later.

Configure authentication in Apache:

DBDriver odbc
DBDParams "datasource=<Name here>,user=...,password=..."

<Location /secure>
   AuthType Basic 
   AuthName "Secure Area" 
   AuthBasicProvider dbd
   Require valid-user
   AuthDBDUserPWQuery "SELECT '$apr1$' + PasswordSalt + '$' + Password FROM <your table> WHERE UserName = %s"

Hope it gets you going in the right direction.

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I don't know if mssql is supported. Maybe if you add it to pam and then go through that. mod_auth_mysql is for mysql, mod_auth_pgsql for postgresql and mod_auth_dbi for generic db intefrace.

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what's the pam ? – Dónal Dec 20 '10 at 16:05

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