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Had anyone managed to list the Load Balanced Services as well as each Service's Real Servers using the latest XML-RPC Barracuda API ? If so, could you provide any snippets or the general API Schema you used ?

I've got a quick python script working and able to poll for Services, but can't get the real servers to list for each.

Checking Barracuda's forums, and contacting their tech support has proved to be fairly futile. The best they've managed to do was ask me to reverse engineer their Web UI... which really only helps for creating new services.

Any help would be oh-so-very-much appreciated !

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I have recently gotten in touch with Barracuda networks, they mentioned that the API documentation is almost ready and will soon be released to public.

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Meh, I've given up on Barracuda. The API is mostly undocumented, the Web UI was glitchy ( modifying 1 service had a chance of modifying another one at random ). Etc... I'm using them as dumb devices and using loadbalancer.org style devices for the important duties. –  delerious010 Oct 24 '11 at 22:00

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