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I have 2 computers on a LAN (OS X and Vista). MAMP installed on OS X. I want view the site being developed from my Vista machine. I shared the htdocs file on the LAN. Clearly only the html is working properly.

What do I need to change to make Apache host my site on the LAN?

Solution: Such a dumb mistake: I was typing \\192.168.x.x (fill in x) which is the shared file. This does not share the server. http://192.168.x.x is the correct address.

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There is pretty good documentation

I suspect you just need to put your HTML files into the correct htdocs folder, start Apache, and then, on your Vista PC, point a web browser at the name or IP-address of your Mac. For example, (I believe MAMP is set to use port 8888 by default)


Using \\ as a prefix makes the web-browser use the File: protocol not the http: protocol.

It is only if you use the http protocol that the request is sent to Apache (The A in MAMP). It is only by sending the request to Apache that you get Apache to run the PHP code as a program and send the output of that PHP program to the web-browser.

Putting \\ in front means the request goes to a File server, not to Apache. The file server doesn't attempt to run the PHP code, it just send the PHP source code (and not the results of running that code).

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