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I have managed to trash my homebrew Nas box (an old hp d530 + 2x 750gb sata soft raid1 + 17gb boot disk with ubuntu server 8.10)

I have searched the web and tried to repair the file system but to no avail :( I was thinking that the dirs/files located under the root of the lost+found directory are 64 bit numbers. Is there any way that I could decant the number into binary form, from there reconstruct the directory/file structure.

More to the point can anyone point to the information on how xfs inodes are broken down(does that make sense)?

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The files names in lost+found are just the inode of the file. There's no way to map this back to a filename; they're in lost+found because the directory entry for these files couldn't be located. An inode is just a number and doesn't have any intrinsic meaning.

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Thanks for that. Hey ho, sort through the directories manually... for me :( – Satpal Dec 22 '10 at 7:37

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