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I am in the middle of migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 SP1.

I have moved one mailbox over to the new server EXCHANGE2010 . For some reason if an internal email is sent from someone on EXCHANGE2003 (the old server), it is not delivered to the new mailbox on EXCHANGE2010.

Where should I look to debug this problem? What logs should I consult?

Update: I found the messages in Queues on the old server, listed as messages with an unreachable destination.

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I found it! You need to create a routing group between the old and the new server:

This example creates reciprocal routing group connectors between the Exchange 2010 routing group and the routing group associated with the specified Exchange 2003 server, assigns a cost of 10 to that connector, and enables public folder referrals.

 New-RoutingGroupConnector -Name "Interop RGC" -SourceTransportServers "" -TargetTransportServers "" -Cost 10 -Bidirectional $true -PublicFolderReferralsEnabled $true
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