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I'm accessing through ssh to a linux box. I was simply updateing the packages with yum update. I then disconnected but when I connnected again with ssh using the same account I couldn't now if the update process had already finished.

How can I know the status of tasks I've started before disconnecting when I reconnect to the server?

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You can verify if anything is still running using

ps -aux | grep yum

But I'm pretty sure it will be killed as soon as you get disconnected.

If you need to run something after you leave use nohup

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thanks for the help – doubter Dec 21 '10 at 22:09

What you really want to do is run this in screen.

Every day when I come into the office, I ssh to my development / db server and run screen -RD, which reconnects my session as if I had never disconnected. You should be able to yum install screen.

See to start, and for a comprehensive reference.

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Use screen. Just start screen, do your stuff and when you got disconnected, run: screen -r or screen -Dr.

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