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We have a VB6 App that -for current purposes - is very basic ADO: Dim a New ADODB.Recorset, set some basic properties like Cursor Location and Lock Type, set a Connection String and a .Source like "Select * from CustomerMaster", and .OPEN - nothing fancy here! Yet, on a new SBS installation with SQL Server 2008 across 2 Servers (one for Apps, the other dedicated to SQL!), it dies/hangs/crashes if you try to run such a Query from anything but the SQL Sever box. Initially, we were using the SQLOLEDB.1 driver, which would crash/hang the entire SQL Server after about 4 such queries (built a simple 6 line App just for this purpose). Then switched to the NATIVE SQL driver, which did allow us unlimited, happy queries - until you did the first Change/Update - THEN it would corrupt the SQL Server if you exited and tried to go back in. All this 'corruption' is happening from the 'App Server' of the SBS pair, and I presume that the App Server (also installed in tandem with the SQL server this week) has the latest MDACs, etc. And running it from a 'lowly XP workstation' is (obviously) no better.

ANY ideas??? -Henry

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