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I am trying to setup yum-updatesd to send email notification when there are updates available to the packages on my system. However, I am not receiving any notifications even though there are updates available (as seen in yum check-update)

I have verified that the yum-updatesd service is running.

This is my /etc/yum/yum-updatesd.conf:

# how often to check for new updates (in seconds)
run_interval = 3600
# how often to allow checking on request (in seconds)
updaterefresh = 600

# how to send notifications (valid: dbus, email, syslog)
emit_via = email
email_to =
email_from =

# should we listen via dbus to give out update information/check for
# new updates
dbus_listener = yes

# automatically install updates
do_update = no
# automatically download updates
do_download = no
# automatically download deps of updates
do_download_deps = no
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Is yum-updatesd pulling down new metadata, and just not telling you, or is it failing to work at all? What if you run it from the command line with --no-fork, --oneshot, and --debug? – mattdm Dec 22 '10 at 2:13
I assume it is pulling down the new metadata but not telling me. Here is the output: Introspect error: The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files Going to exec: ['/usr/libexec/yum-updatesd-helper', '--check', '--email', '', '', '--smtp-server=localhost:25', '--sendmail', '--debug'] the rest of it looks correct and shows the updates available from yum – smusumeche Dec 22 '10 at 4:35

is sendmail running? If you type "echo hi | mail -s test" do you get the message?

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It turns out the issue was with my spam folder and not yum-updatesd. The configuration above is working perfectly.

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