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i've got a django app running on apache behind an nginx reverse proxy. Nginx takes requests on port 80 and forwards them to apache on This works fine.

Now I want to run phpbb on apache under /forums. My problem is that when phpbb does a redirect, it seems to redirect to the internal apache port, rather than port 80. So, for instance when I first go to http://my-dev-server/forums to configure php bb, it immediately redirects to

Is there something I need to do in nginx/apache/phpbb config to get it to redirect to the external port? Thanks very much!

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I've not used phpbb myself, but according to the function generate_board_urls() there's a config value called "force_server_vars". When this is set you must also configure "server_protocol" (eg "http"), "server_name" ("my-dev-server"), "server_port" ("80") and "server_path" (I presume "/forums" or some variation)

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Good grief, I'm not sure how this didn't occur to me. Thanks very much. – asciitaxi Dec 22 '10 at 1:46

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