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How to forward from from port 222 to 22 inside local network to ip for example?

Have router TPL-Link TL-WR740N_V1

Setting allow to forward only outside port, but not for ip inside local network.

Any suggestions? :)

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The Manual and simulator available on line addresses the Virtual servers. (Click Virtual-server on the left). But doesn't allow port forwarding seemingly, (but try the interface anyway or an update of the firmware - it is maybe available now, sometimes web sites are not updated real time).

What you could do is to set the service port to 222, with the IP, then configure SSH to listen on port 222 on your server (if Ubuntu, Linux, go to /etc/ssh and edit sshd_config Port section).

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Yea thanks man, i was thinking the same way. But didn't knew how to do it. ;) Basically i need only need to configure 8080 for http and 222 for ssh. Thanks again. – Somebody Dec 23 '10 at 11:21

I dont think your router can do this kind of port forward. Your best bet is probably purchasing a different router.

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