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The title must sound strange but I'm trying to achieve the following:

SVN repo location: /home/flx/svn/flxdev SVN repo "flxdev" structure:

 + Project1
 ++ files
 + Project2
 + Project3
 + Project4

I'm trying to set up a post-commit hook that automatically checks out on the other end when I do a commit.

The post-commit doc explicitly lists the following:

# The post-commit hook is invoked after a commit.  Subversion runs
# this hook by invoking a program (script, executable, binary, etc.)
# named 'post-commit' (for which this file is a template) with the
# following ordered arguments:
#   [1] REPOS-PATH   (the path to this repository)
#   [2] REV          (the number of the revision just committed)

So I made the following command to test:

echo "Updated project $REPOS to $REV"

However when I edit files in Project1 for example, this outputs "Updated project /home/flx/svn/flxdev to 1016"

I'd like this to be: "Updated project Project1 to 1016"

Having this variable allows me to specify to do different actions per project post-commit. How can I specify the project parameter?



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Use svnlook.

Quick and dirty would be to try something like:

CHANGED_DIRS="`/usr/bin/svnlook -r $REV dirs-changed $REPOS`"

echo "Updated paths $CHANGED_DIRS in revision $REV"

You may want to try running svnlook help; it will list out the various commands you can use/information you can get.

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Awesome, that's exactly what I need! Thanks! – FLX Dec 22 '10 at 20:39

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