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The problem is the following: I have a camera D-Link securicam dcs-2121 ( it has its own web-server and works perfectly with a few connected users, but what I want is to make a lot amount of users able to connect and watch videostream, built-in server can't get trough many connections. So I need to translate stream to any external server and broadcast from it. What software or maybe service I need to use to this effect? thanks.

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I'd look into doing this with vlc. I didn't really have many users - i just grabbed the stream from the camera and used vlc to

  • just (re)stream the incoming video via UDP Braodcast
  • encoded and saved the incoming stream on the disk

I don't have access to the skripts/system now but can give you further details in the next few days. I remember that the online documentation about streaming and transcoding with vlc is not very good and/or outdated, but you get a clou, how it's done with vlc and then can dig in deeper useing the manpages and stuff.

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First, check if ZoneMinder does what you want.

If still you want to do it on your own, you might want to try the ProxyPass and ProxyReverse directives of Apache2's mod_proxy. I've done it before with other models and works like a charm, but I only tested it with MJPEG. Not sure how it works with stuff like RTSP. Also, if you know your way around nginx or lighthttpd, go with them.

If you want something more advanced, you might want to try gstreamer.

Finally, I'm writing some surveillance software here, but be warned that is not finished yet.

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