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I have 3 instances running on amazon ec2

instance 1 should be called, instance 2 and 3 should be called and respectively. How can this be achieved ? (can this be achieved ?)

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Well, Route 53 is a option but is nothing like a easy solution. Amazon DNS is painful. You will need to write a script to dynamically update the dns to match what you want.

There is a whole bunch of other DNS services like zerigo ou dyndns that accept either REST calls to change the DNS or have a tool to automatically update the DNS.

Painful, but the only way. Another solution is to use Elastic IP's, but they are limited to 5 per region.

If you have a Elastic IP you can even request to have amazon resolve their reverse DNS for that IP. It is especially useful when you need to have a mail server.

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Did you figure this out? – rafamvc Dec 29 '10 at 3:47

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