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I currently own a domain bought via, which provides me a basic email setup for the most common needs. I configured it to forward all mail to to I also own a virtual server with a running Postfix that I use for a specific website (all mail to gets forwarded via LMTP to a program written by me).

Since I'm recently experiencing some harassing by spammers, since GoDaddy doesn't seem to filter spam, and since my Windows Phone's Pocket Outlook cannot filter spam, I would like to use SpamAssassin to filter inbound spam by changing my domain's MX records to my server

My ideal setup is the following:

  1. All mail delivered to gets redirected via LMTP as usual via virtual transport without any spam check
  2. All mail to gets redirected to after a severe spam check
  3. I don't care about since I use just one address for now
  4. I would like to train SpamAssassin with customized spam rules, possibly based on the presence of certain keywords (links to certain unsubscribe pages I found recurring)

I currently configured Postfix with

transport                 lmtp:[]:8025                error: Cannot accept mail for this domain

relay                 OK

(I guess I should add OK too)


(looks like a catch-all rule, it's OK as requirement 3)

I installed SpamAssassin, I can do rcspamd start and set it to boot with the server, but I don't know if there is anything else to do for use in Postfix, and how to apply requirement 1 (only mail to gets filtered)

I also tried to send an email via Telnet to make sure my settings are ready for MX change. I received the message into my account but I found that it gone through, like Postfix didn't rewrite the destination but simply relayed the message.

Thank you in advance. I'm no expert in SpamAssassin, and I have little experience in Postfix (enough to avoid making my server an open relay)

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Have you set SpamAssassin as a content-filter or smtpd_proxy_filter?

Postfix needs to know how to talk to SpamAssassin. I've always used Postfix with some kind of SMTP-Proxy (like Amavis or VBoxAdm) so I'm not sure whether SpamAssassin ships with a SMTP-Proxy of its own. Figure this out and use content-filter if you want Post-Queue filtering or smtpd_proxy_filter if you want Pre-Queue filtering. In the case of the pre-queue filter the smtp proxy needs a way to re-inject the mail, so you have to create a new transport in the A content-filter is set in the while a smtpd_proxy_filter must be set in the

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I didn't set it yet. I just installed it via YaST (openSUSE) – usr-local-ΕΨΗΕΛΩΝ Dec 25 '10 at 11:38

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