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My dedicated Server has CentOS 5.5. I tried to install Plone, so I basically did:

tar xzf Plone-4.0.2-UnifiedInstaller.tgz
cd Plone-4.0.2-UnifiedInstaller
./ zeo

I ran into the following error:

Unable to find libssl or openssl/ssl.h.
If you wish to build without SSL support, run again with
--without-ssl flag.
Otherwise, install your platform's openssl-dev libraries and headers
and try again.

After this error I successfully installed openssl:

yum install openssl

And i tried to install Plone again. But I keep getting the error: "Unable to find libssl or openssl/ssl.h". Anybody an idea what I'missing?

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Development files for <package> are usually in <package>-devel. Install openssl-devel.

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I just found the correct answer,too. But very quick reply, thanks! – paskster Dec 24 '10 at 1:51

Ok, I found my error. I had to not only download openssl but also openssl-devel like so:

yum install openssl-devel
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