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When i installed windows i had a typo in the machine name that i corrected from the system's 'Computer Name/Domain Changes' - the workstation is a member of a workgroup not a domain. From everything i can see the renamed machine name is correct.

Shift gears.... I'm importing SQL logins from my remote server to this, my development workstation and have used the script presented here - a script that generates a CREATE statement for each login found. While I was preparing to run this script's output (from the remote box) i needed to change the domain name from the remote to my local's name - so i ran the same script locally (in order to see what SQL things my domain name is.

SQL has the original machine name - the one with the typo. However, the scripts are tossing errors if i try to create logins with that identifier.


But works correctly if i use the updated machine name: CREATE LOGIN [Steve\Admin] FROM WINDOWS WITH DEFAULT_DATABASE = [master]

So the problem is: do i have a problem i need to solve? Somewhere, deep in the guts of SQL Server, it has record of a Domain name that does not exist. Should i find and fix that discrepancy?


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To check what SQL Server thinks your machine is named, execute the following:


If Server Name returns the typo'd name, you can change it with:

sp_dropserver <old_name>
sp_addserver <new_name>, local

This article on MSDN documents SQL Server renaming quite well.

Edit: Per your comment, much like renaming a Windows computer, you will need to restart the SQL Server service for the changes to take effect.

REM Stop SQL Server
sc stop mssqlserver

REM Wait a little bit, and/or run
sc query mssqlserver
REM will tell you the status of the service.

REM Start SQL Server
sc start mssqlserver

You can also stop/start SQL Server from within SSMS.

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much appreciated - the commands executed without error, but initially, the new name didn't show up until after restarting. suggest editing your reply to include that. again...thx – justSteve Dec 24 '10 at 15:26

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