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I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 and installed the red5-server package. I've also downloaded oflaDemo.war file from that address.

First I tried to install the oflaDemo via installer, but I couldnt reach the goal. I see the .war file under the /tmp directory, I got stuck with this message: "This may take a couple minutes, please wait".

After that, I put the downloaded war file into the /webapps directory and wait 10 minutes as mentioned in red5-common.xml. Unfortunately, nothing changed ...

So I decided to extract war file manually. I did this: jar -xvf oflaDemo.war

Ok, I see all of the unzipped content under the webapps directory, but how can I preview the demo via a web browser?

I really need to make live stream via Red5. Please help me.

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I resolved the problem. Unzip the content under the webapps folder with theirs name. For example: webapps/oflaDemo -or another name you can understand-. Restart red5 and see all things worked.

You can download all the war files from that address:

Only the adminPanel demo has problems. The solution is a little bit tricky. If you google it, you can see the solutions.

Thank you :)

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