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I'm having similar issues with logging into ubuntu server. chief problem is that once I enter my user name & hit enter, I can't enter anything ffor my password - it won't accept any keystrokes until I press Ctrl+any key. Once I've pressed Ctrl+ any key, I'm able to type again, but have never been able to enter any more than 3 characters before the 60 sec time limit. This problem is present on fresh installs of both 10.04 & 9.10. Part of the problem is lkely to be my antique pc which is an old Emachines Trigems I850 based mbd and an equally ancient Nvidia 4x AGP video card. Initially I was going to install Ubuntu 10.10, but with ORCA running with both screen reader and full screen magnification crashed the system & smoked a stick of Rambus memory. Is there any fix to this problem?


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Very interesting problem. If you have time add and configure serial console to observe all diagnostic data. Also send dmesg output to ubuntu mailling list, or other bug tool. There should be someone who can help you...

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