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I would like to customize the name of the tab in Tilda (I guess that it doesn't change anything from the Gnome-terminal's behavior), but I can't find the exact sequence ...

so far, I figured out that Bash does it when displaying my PS1 prompt:

echo $PS1

I guess that \[\e]0;HELLO\a\] is responsible for the title to be set to 'HELLO', but when I start

echo -ne "\[\e]0;HELLO WORLD\a\]"

only writes '[]'

what's wrong with my command ?

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Wait, I've been stupid:

echo -ne "\e]0;HELLO WORLD\a"

is actually working perfectly, but my "HELLO WORLD" was immediately overwritten by the "HELLO" from the prompt ! Just set


or what ever and you'll get you're dynamic title :)

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Your command seems to be incomplete. Have a look at Color_Bash_Prompt. It is explained well there.

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