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We are a new company, fasting at a fast rate. We are exchanging lot of information and Q&A through several attachments to an email distribution list [Exchange 2010]. What is the best way to make all previous information available to new hires ?

What is the easiest way out? Create an usenet and it to email distro ?

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I don't think email is the best way, more you grow up and more email you have to resend, or re-share, waste of resources, money, time and bandwidth (money, money and money).

I'd rather propose a wiki (foswiki is the best for Enterprises) and a Stack Overflow like system (actually you can use it ) and then, in the future, you should think to consolidate the knowledge (for example with Alfresco).

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Thank you pointing to foswiki. We will have a wiki soon. However, we still be having lot of email traffic, particularly for Q&A and discussions. I want to make this email conversations accessible to new hires too. –  praphul Dec 27 '10 at 15:33
I'm not a great Microsoft enthusiast, but I'd simply create a PST file in Outlook, save it on a shared network drive and provide access to it to the new resources and using outlook rules, I'd save new incoming messages also in this PST file. –  tmow Dec 27 '10 at 16:02

Sharepoint sounds like it would fit the bill.

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