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We updated our servers this weekend (windows updates), everything went fine except one of our terminal servers now hangs at login with the message, "waiting for windows modules installer." It eventually times out and leaves an event log message that the service has stopped unexpectedly. I have disabled the service and users can now login in a reasonable time frame. However we will need to re-enable the service in order to install further updates. I'm not sure where to start with this one, I'm an entry level admin and my colleagues are on vacation today, thank God this isn't a serious problem.

Further details:

-It affects all users. -The only third party software on the server is our ERP software and screwdrivers from Tricerat. -The only event log message is that the service has stopped unexpectedly. -The server manager screen does not display any information about roles it just says, "error". -The remote desktop roles all seem to be functioning properly, Remote app works as well as standard RDP.

Let me know if there is any further details I can provide, I will be checking this frequently throughout the day.

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Okay so it stopped (for no reason) giving the waiting for windows modules installer message. However the roles still just say "error" and the trustedinstaller.exe is constantly crashing. I have tried to run the windows update readiness tool and that hangs for hours until I give up. –  Kyle Jan 4 '11 at 20:51

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Hmm... I've never seen that problem, but here's my take:

Windows Updates needs to finish some post-update tasks and is unable to do so when a non-admin user logs on to the server.

My suggestion would be to log on to the console of the server with the local administrator or domain administrator account and allow Windows Updates to complete it's post-update tasks.

This is a pretty wild guess on my part, but it won't hurt to give it a try.

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That does make sense to me, I'll give it a shot tonight and let you know how it goes. –  Kyle Dec 27 '10 at 16:03
No luck, I received the same message when logged into console from the DRAC. –  Kyle Dec 28 '10 at 14:28
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I'm going to our data center for the weekend to do unrelated repairs so I'm just going to reinstall while I'm there. If anyone finds an actual solution to this problem let me know and I will accept it.

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