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  • First interface is ppp0 (pptp vpn)
  • Second inteface is tun0 (openvpn)
  • Third interface eth0 (default gw interface)

Openvpn is set to change default route on client for all packets to go through tun0 vpn, that part is working ok.

I would like to make all packets from tun0 go to ppp0 and get out from that interface (MASQ) but somehow they always end up on eth0 (default gw interface)


ppp0 tun0

doesn't seem to work

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masquerading is a form of NAT, it nothing to do with how your packets are routed. – Zoredache Dec 27 '10 at 23:03
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Ok so i figured that out,


ovpn 1      1      main            ppp0            detect          -               -


ppp0    tun0


tun0                    -                       ovpn       1000
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