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I'm looking for the best switch and router for my internet cafe, that have bandwith limiter and have low latency... Thanks

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A switch won't be helpful. You need something like a captive portal.

It can be installed on a router or firewall.

pfsense (very easy, with web interface) has several captive portals installed. you should give a look at it.

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Not that I think your portal recommendation is wrong, but why do you think the OP can't do bandwidth-limiting on a switch, or that this will be unhelpful? – MadHatter Dec 28 '10 at 9:31
Because switches also would limit cross traffic, like for local games. Also, switches are not handling TCP level but ethernet level - tp level is a router. – TomTom Dec 28 '10 at 9:45
Oh, I dunno.. You could fork out for a Cisco L3 Switch. Not a great use of money though. – Tom O'Connor Dec 28 '10 at 12:47
Ok thanks for the reply I'll have a look about captive portal, never heards that word before... – user64865 Dec 28 '10 at 14:00

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