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I have a dedicated server and I am using the install wizard via WHM to install an SSL certificate.

I have the following keys:

  • Certificate key
  • RSA private key
  • CA certificate

I paste these three elements into the wizard along with the domain, IP address and username but I get this error:

SSL install aborted due to error: Unable to save certificate key.
Certificate verification passed

Have I missed a step?

I have given it another go to make sure I am copying and pasting the info correctly and I am now getting the following error:

SSL install aborted due to error: Sorry, you must have a dedicated ip to use this feature for the user: username! If you are intending to install a shared certificate you must use the username "nobody" for security and bandwidth reporting reasons.

Even though I am using a dedicated IP address, I am getting this problem.

I thought I would also add that this SSL certificate has been installed on a shared hosting environment with my previous hostig provider. The account with them is still active, however the domain and its contents now reside on the dedicated server - could this cause problems?

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The installation was failing because I let WHM read the certificate and prefill the user details. The 'user' field needs to be nobody if the server you're installing on only has one IP address. Once I had set the user to be 'nobody', the certificate could then be installed.

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