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I have an smtp server running locally on my server, and need to edit the contents of email bodies before they actually get sent out. I have tried using EmailRelay to proxy my smtp server with the --filter option to specify a filter/editing executable, but am getting some odd behavior.

Currently, I specify an executable shell script as the filter program and all it is supposed to do is append some text to a log file and return 0 so I know it actually got called. The weird thing is the email gets sent but nothing shows up in my log file like it should (but it does when I run the script manualy). If I remove the 'exit 0' statement, the email does not send like I would expect.

Are there any other options/suggestions?

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Anubis? A quick look at the available files on, there's nothing which stands out - but this is specifically the kind of thing milters are supposed to do.

am getting some odd behavior.

Maybe if you provided more information people might be able to help you sort out what was going wrong with your current setup?

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