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I'm interested in setting up a professional WordPress site but I'd like to explore the pssibilities to leave the management of the webserver and even WordPress' management to a company that guarantees great availability, performance of the site (load times, security) and even SEO.

My site is currently running on other platform but I plan on a migration on the next 4 weeks.

I've done this usually, but I'd like to focus on the content, so I don't have to mess with webserver/mysql/php configs in order to get nice performance.

Is there some (maybe hosting) company that is dedicated to this? Would it be better to hire a sysadmin with experience in those matters?

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I think bluehost.com is a good choice for this sort of thing, but I'd be willing to do the same as well.

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Take a look at http://www.choopa.com , with a managed server you won't have to worry about the sysadmin jobs.

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