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Is there any mail server that has a feature to download (POP3) emails from another mail server like Google Apps (Gmail for your own domain), store it and then allow to users to download (POP3/IMAP) emails to their own mail client like Outlook/Live Mail? So I want it to become like a "middle mail server".

I hope you guys understand it. My main reason to do so is that Google Apps got limited space for each mailbox and I also want to have emails in one space so its easy to archive and backup.

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7500MB per mail box is not enough? – gekkz Dec 29 '10 at 15:34
is not for my business – SubZeroFX Dec 30 '10 at 14:18
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Use fetchmail in conjunction with your normal MTA

Google finds examples

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For an inexpensive setup I'd recommend using Mdaemon from ALT-N. The domain pop feature sounds like what you're looking for. They have a free 5 user setup and their higher end versions scale pretty well on price/performance.

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popcon for Exchange 2007/2010

It can download email from any pop account to a Exchange Mailbox, your users can then connect to Exchange to get there email.

Hope that Helps

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