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I would like to uninstall a Sharepoint application template (GroupBoard Workspace to be exact) but I want to make sure nothing currently relies on it. I don't see any functions within stsadm that will tell me this information and I have even tried SPM which would work, but with such a huge site it's tedious to go through every single web and page to see which features are in use.

Is there a way (probably with SQL using the id from stsadm -o enumsolutions) to list everything that relies on a template within a given solution, including webparts on custom pages? If this is not possible, what is the best way to check dependencies prior to uninstalling a solution (especially since GBW is not the only one on my axe list.)

Note: I know that stsadm -o deletesolution will stop me from removing something that is in use, but I want to see all of the things that are using a given solution.

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